SNIFF Aerosol unit SNIFF battery gel unit URECO system SNIFF Ozone Sanitiser Large area fragrancing solutions


Aerosol - battery operated and timed

Gel & Fan - battery and mains operated models - continuous operation

Large area systems - we also have specialist solutions (nebulising units that inject scent directly into HVAC systems) for odour remediation or ambient scenting

Sanitiser - ozone odour Terminator!

URECO urinal sleeve system - saving you money and environmentally friendly odour neutralising - check it out




Our competitors don't give away much about their prices in public so we can't either. The big guys will try and con you with talk of 'free' air fresheners - but they load the cost somewhere else, often on the sani-bins.

We are very, very competitive and coupled with the service you get from us - unbeatable value. As a ball-park, all of our products (except the large area specialist stuff) cost more than £100 BUT less than £200 a year, fully serviced.

Look, there's no mystery about it - give us a call and we will be happy to give you all the info you want.

Gotta love the ol' cloak and dagger stuff!

Industries we work for include: Hotels | Care Homes | Pubs | Clubs | Nurseries | Schools | Hospitals | Offices | Airports | Train Stations | Factories | Showrooms | Theme Parks | Shops | Restaurants | Shopping Centres | Holiday Resorts


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