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Air fresheners basically mask malodours. Some have odour neutralising properties (some people will even try and charge you more because of that!) but quite frankly it's mostly nonsense.

Keep it simple. You only have to ask yourself Three Questions.


1. Will it replace any bad smells and is it powerful enough to cover the area I want covered but not so powerful it makes your eyes water?

Answer. Select the most appropriate product in the first place and you will have no problems. Aerosols for small areas and areas that need a timed unit (e.g. an office toilet that is only used during the day). Gel and fan based continuous systems for more difficult environments that are open longer (e.g. a pub toilet) using a battery unit for smaller areas and a mains system with a more powerful fan for larger areas. Really big spaces (e.g. night clubs, halls etc.) can be handled with specialist equipment that works in conjunction with HVAC systems. Simple really!

2. Will it be regularly serviced before it runs out? (actually this is massive - you'd be better off with a poor air freshener well serviced than a good air freshener poorly serviced)

Answer. Tackling the source of the odour is also an option you should consider, especially if the problem is considerable. The namby pamby effect of 'odour neutralisers' contained in air fresheners is largely a figment of some marketing mans imagination. What you want is the Terminator of all sanitising agents - Ozone. This is an extremely powerful sanitiser that will kill all odour carrying bacteria on contact. Our ozone generating units are perfect for use on their own or in conjunction with one of our air fresheners.

3. How can I get the most powerful product and the best service at the cheapest price?

Answer. Hmmm, isn't it obvious!



Really tackling the source - Ozone Sanitising

Urinals are the biggest cource of malodours in a toilet environment. The URECO urinal sleeve system really tackles the at source. The systems incorporates water management, so saving you money an odour neutralising at source.


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