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Thank you very much for visiting our air freshening web site.

We are a small independent air freshening business, battling the big three or four companies in our market. You probably know who they are!

If you are an experienced owner or manager of a business you may already have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing the service standards of the 'big boys' (at SNIFF we used to work for them so we know what we're talking about here!).

With us you get a personal air freshening service. Same service guy time after time. Minimum fuss, maximum accountability and reliability.

We don't do sani-bins or mouse traps or whatever - just air-freshening and air related products. Consequently, we know our stuff when it comes to air quality and air freshness. We don't make our own products, so we're not stuck with the same old ineffecient rubbish all the time. We search the world to find the very best air freshening, odour neutralising and air fragrancing products and then we bring them to you! Genuinely great innovative products like the URECO urinal sleeve which saves you money and odour neutralises in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Bottom line? Great air freshening products, great service, great prices and we're not PHS or Canon or Initial or Rentokil - (there - I've said it!). Click here or give us a call for a quote.

Industries we work for include: Hotels | Care Homes | Pubs | Clubs | Nurseries | Schools | Hospitals | Offices | Airports | Train Stations | Factories | Showrooms | Theme Parks | Shops | Restaurants | Shopping Centres | Holiday Resorts


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